The resources of the R&D office constantly develop cutting-edge technical solutions due to their skills regarding equipment and products.

By constantly collaborating with our customers, we are able to offer technical solutions for the development of their products, from the definition of the layout to the integration with all the design variables and moulding techniques.

During the design conception phase, the transformation of the product design into a 3D model is defined together with the customer, through the use of the most advanced CAD systems on the market today, and the subsequent design of prototypes and moulds.

The synergy with the metrological laboratory allows the M.C.E. Technical Team to carry out the digitalization of existing products through radiographic scans.

"we carry out the digitalization through radiographic scans"

The possibility of working in close collaboration with the internal workshop department allows us to promptly resolve any critical issues during the development phase of the project. An example is the re-design of parts or components present in the initial draft for purely aesthetic purposes, but which at the time of the feasibility study of the product appear to be economically not advantageous or not achievable by injection moulding technology. This allows to obtain better products with considerable savings of time and cost.

"This allows us to obtain better products with a considerable savings of time and cost."
For the technical components found inside complex mechanical systems, M.C.E. is able to perform finite element structural analysis (FEM) and filling analysis (MOULDFLOW) so as to obtain useful information about any deformations, tensions or displacements that can occur on plastic and sheet metal components. The design specifications of the products are defined in close collaboration with the Customer, in order to guarantee compliance with all technical and functional requirements and full compliance with the regulations for placement on the market (CE, ISO, UNI, USCAR).