Plastic Injection

29 Engel presses ranging from 25 to 260 T
6 “BabyPlast” presses for prototyping and small productions
Automatic centralized dehumidifying and conveying system for plastic materials
Vertical presses operated by worker or robot for overmoulded products
Robots used for manipulation of components and finished products
Injection of nylon (PA6 GF30, PA66 GF30, PA6T/66-GF33, …), PPA (Amodel AS1133HS, AS6115HS), PBT, Polypropylene (PP T20, PP T40, …)

Metal stamping

8 Bruderer staming presses from 18T to 40T
1 Omera press 150T
High speed stampingz
100% quality checks using high precision cameras
Automatic reels system
Supply for metal wire processing
Stamping of brass, bronze, CuNiSi, CuFe2P, stainless steel

Wire cutting and crimping

4 wire cutting and crimping machines
100% quality checks with load cells
Quality checks by micrographs
O-ring automatic insertion
Main application on bulb holders
Support for the development of new terminals


More than 50 assembly tables/lines
Automatic electrical, mechanical and visual quality checks
24h shifts production
Process industrialization and assembly equipment realization


This department rests its solid foundations on the design and manufacturing experience of our technicians and employs technologically advanced machines, such as high-speed CNC milling machines and last-generation electro-erosion machines.

We produce highly sophisticated moulds, injection moulds and automatic assembly tables.