Whether moulded connectors for use on wirings with standard terminals or connectors assembled or co-moulded with terminals manufactured by us, we produce and assemble connectors for all types of connections. Intended mainly for the automotive industry, the connectors we produce can be assembled or co-moulded.

The press-fit technology, widely used in various automotive applications, guarantees a adhesion to printed circuits (PCB) as well as various advantages compared to traditional solutions.


Cable glands have been part of our product range for over 10 years.

They are high quality components and the assortment of items we offer allows our customers to be able to choose between different types of seal loops, products with traditional moulding technology or in a  co-moulded version.

The practical advantage of this system consists in the divisibility of the passing cables, individualized also by different diameters.


Over-moulding is a production technique used to obtain products through the fusion of plastic material on metal parts.

The co-moulding is mainly used in electrical and electronic parts where it is necessary to guarantee an adequate defense against heat, humidity, dust, mechanical shocks and where the product’s enduring performance is an essential requirement.

To this purpose M.C.E. uses new generation rotary presses, and has always converged a considerable part of its investments to this technology


We are experts in the design and production of terminals and contacts, managing in our workshop the construction and maintenance of high-speed step moulds that allow production.

We have an efficient machine park  and technologically advanced equipment that allowS us to produce:
– terminals for male / female lamellar connections
– fork terminals
– crimping terminals
– terminals for connections on printed circuits (press-fit)


An historic product of M.C.E., finds application in headlights, rear lights, fog lights, turn signals and dashboard lights.

The range of products in our catalog is wide depending on the type of lamp, filament orientation, type of connection and other technical requirements.

The realization of details based on customer specifications is a significant part of M.C.E. production.